Friday, November 4, 2011

Free as a bird... in so many ways!

I drove again today for the first time in months. It was wonderful! I tend to be a homebody, so the "no driving restriction" wasn't as terrible as it could have been for some, (for instance my husband, who might have gone mad!) But autonomy is a marvelous thing!

I heard today that I have been replaced in my job. I wonder what I will do next... something fun I hope! There was a bit of concern about how I'd feel after "retiring," but I know I made the best decision. I'm so looking forward to "staying in" this winter, during ice and snow storms! I was much more worn out with that position, and the drive it entailed, than I realized.

We found a dog we may adopt, his name is Ryker. It should happen next week if all goes well, and if he's not the one, we'll proceed along.

It's all good!

Except that I wish our Biggy Bud was still with us...however, I'm thankful for the time we had together. ((**)) to you, Zaybeeozer~wherever you are!

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  1. Dear Paula, I still cannot find any right words to express about Betty and Paul :( but I have thought about them so much.

    And now I read about beloved Zao , yes Zao is in doggy Heaven. Good wishes for adopting.

    It is nice to read and comment to you again. re: ( Our JournalSpace ) and missing everyone there.