Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Well~ this is going to be harder than I thought!

We adopted an Alaskan Malamute named Ryker from Northern Lights Sled Dog Rescue, this weekend. He is just delightful! And gorgeous, (red and white) I might add! I saw his picture and video on Petfinder before they even got the profile up, and applied quickly. And we got him! (the process to rescue a whole 'nother story... later.)
Ryker has obviously been in a home. He's housebroken, gets along with our cat Figgy, (as well as Figgy will allow,) and has a sweet, sweet temperament. I knew when I adopted Ryker that he has his own place in my life, and is his own doggy self... but tonight, I went to the front glass door, which we installed for Zao, and I was petting him and loving on him and suddenly I said, " do you know there was a big big dog who used to lie right where you are, and his name was Zao?" And I burst into tears.
I do already love Ryker for himself! He's a doll! He looks sort of like a Snickerdoodle, has a long drippy tongue, and he's sleeping at my feet right now.

But still, I miss Biggy Bud.


  1. he's a beauty!! A long time pet, like a child, cannot be replaced, but his memory will live on! I hope Ryker brings you as much joy as Zao did!

  2. This is the toughest part about our generational family. I miss all of my dogs & cats who have departed.

  3. Thanks Dorrie and Bobby, it's turning out to be quite an adventure. I'll report more as I get accustomed to Ryker...lets just say he "got out" of the house today, because of the high winds... and I drove around the neighborhood and found him. I was freaking out! Probably EXACTLY why he ended up with us, as he is so socialized. Vigilance is key!